Our Team

Director of Property Management
Armand Cucciniello

Prior to joining the company approximately fifteen years ago, Mr. Cucciniello worked as a self-employed general contractor and real estate investor. With over 35 years of construction and business experience in the real estate arena, he is well suited for the strategic direction and long-term planning for the company assets; focusing on residential and commercial development, construction, and property management.

Mr. Cucciniello is responsible for the entire management operation of commercial and multi-family properties in Hamilton Township, Trenton, Flanders, Bloomfield, New Jersey, and Vestal, New York. In addition, Mr. Cucciniello also manages the corporate staff headquarters in Union, New Jersey.

Senior Property Manager/ Apartment Security Director
Vincent (Vinny) Sciabarisi

Associated with The Burstyn Group since 1962, Vincent took control of the construction and maintenance operations of the company’s property portfolio and has held the position during his employment with the firm for many years. Today Vinny is responsible for quality control, on-site security and training procedures in the construction & maintenance divisions at the Hamilton Township, New Jersey portfolio. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Sciabarisi was a self-employed general contractor in the commercial and multi-family arena in New Jersey.

Christina Winters

Christina Winters-is responsible for The Burstyn Group’s overall accounting and financial reporting matters. Christina brings to the Burstyn Group several years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in diverse areas. Christina also assists the company with accounting integration of mergers and acquisitions; in addition, she assists with human resource matters when required. Previously, Christina supervised the bookkeeping department for three pharmacy chains in the Bergen County, New Jersey markets.

Office Manager/Leasing Consultant
Maria (Pepita) Cardinali

Maria (Pepita) Cardinali serves as Office Manager and as an assistant to principals of the firm. Maria is additionally responsible for Washington Heights Apartments in Bloomfield, NJ. Maria is dedicated to assessing people’s needs and priorities; she also has the ability to handle multiple assignments in high-pressure situations. Prior to joining the company 2007, Maria was an Administrative Assistant to the Firm’s Principal’s at an advertising specialty firm and supervised all sales staff.

Senior Leasing /Office Manager
Cathy White

Cathy White is responsible for the Hamilton Township property portfolio office leasing efforts for four (4) separate areas throughout the community, which includes Yardville, Mercerville and Trenton, New Jersey. In 1980, she joined the company coming from the Bank of Mid Jersey and was employed in the special bookkeeping department. Cathy’s longevity with the company has residents in our communities comfortable, knowing she will undoubtedly see to everyone’s needs, should the occasion materialize.

Construction/Maintenance/ Safety Operations Manager
Robert (Bob) Morton

Robert (Bob) Morton is responsible for the Hamilton Township property portfolio operations division. Prior to joining the company, Bob was employed with the Raytheon Corporation in the nuclear electrical division in the early 70’s and thereafter moved into the self-employment arena as an electrical contractor. Additionally, Bob is responsible for the safe operation of all electrical and mechanical infrastructures for the Hamilton property portfolio. Robert is well versed in bringing innovative ideas and exceptional service to the properties that our residents can rely on.

Property Manager/Leasing Consultant
MariBeth Lewis

MariBeth Lewis is the manager for our upstate New York property portfolio, Holly Manor Associates which includes The Meadows and Holly Brook apartments located in the Township of Vestal. Born and raised in the adjoining city of Binghamton, MariBeth came to The Burstyn Group with personal knowledge of the area along with real estate experience as a former licensed real estate agent. In addition to her extensive office and customer service experience, she is creative, self-motivated and dedicated to this area in concert with the apartment communities she manages.