Washington Heights Associates Residents

Washington Heights Associates Residents

Dear Washington Heights Residents:

You may have heard a recommendation to run your heat and air conditioning units to ensure extreme air circulation during indoor gatherings. Although this recommendation is wise in its suggestion of using measures within your control to create adequate air circulation, it also poses a significant risk of damage to your air conditioning unit provided by the landlord. You may recall in the beginning of the heating season an email was sent advising residents of the damage that can be done to air conditioning units when they are run during cold temperatures. I want to remind all residents that should any damage be done to the air conditioning units on the cool setting due to use during cold temperatures, you may be held responsible. Below is a snip of another fact that explains why it is harmful to use the air conditioning unit during cold temperatures.

“Question: What happens if you run AC in winter?

Answer: In terms of the harm that can be caused to the air conditioner if you run it during wintertime, the compressor may overheat since the oil is usually too thick to circulate in cold temperatures. This may cause the unit to fail.”

There are alternate and feasible solutions that you can use to create the adequate air circulation the governor and his associates are recommending. The message should have said to run the AC units on the fan only mode to keep air moving throughout the home. The alternative is to keep air moving by using a window fan and exhaust the air outside and crack another window to bring in fresh air.